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Cosmetic Surgery UK: Do Not be Fooled by Marketing Gimmicks

a) Cut price holiday. b) Plastic surgery.
c) Both in a package along with other discount options.

Tick your choice. Is it (c)?

Do you really believe on the marketing gimmicks that plastic surgeries are as easy and acceptable as going to a holiday? Can you just have it done by any person and from anywhere? Sorry, a logical brain can not subscribe to this view.

However this is not the only marketing gimmick we have seen so far. Last year around 65000 operations had taken place in UK. And one can easily make out the reason why such advertisements are seen round the corner.

Not only the film actors and actresses or pop stars, but general people, who can afford to have it, are also taking cosmetic surgery to boost up their confidence and self esteem. It is all about getting everything right and only a perfectionist knows, what it does mean.

One may find a lot of such advertisements in the back covers of a number of Woman’s Magazines.People are advertising even for plastic or cosmetic surgeries for less in a lot of substandard hospitals away from United Kingdom. Some even do not care about GP’s reference.

One cannot help supporting the views of General Medical Council that all patients should be referred by his or her general physician or some other consultant before taking a plastic surgery for their own good.

In many of such cases they hardly even think about the issue regarding ‘aftercare’. Whatever let the surgery be, tummy tuck or Breast enlargement, aftercare is as much important as the operation itself had been.

Many research studies have shown that where aftercare is poor, the rate and extent of complications increases. Having a weight loss surgery without an extended aftercare programme is never a safe option.

The operating surgeon ideally needs to keep in touch with the general physician of the patient for a long time after the surgery for safety reasons.

To add to this, one must remember that, any doctor may call himself or herself a plastic surgeon even without any specific surgical training. There are no official restrictions to it if the doctors do not feel any moral obligations to it.

This is reason enough for you to be careful enough while selecting a plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

However, if financial assistance is needed, there are a lot of cosmetic surgery and treatment providers who may help you in getting it easily.

Never settle for gimmicks; it never pays in the long run.

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